Stick With Your Kid: How to Become the Parent Your Child Deserves is the ultimate parents guide. Unlike most parenting guidebooks, this pocket-sized one will tailor your child’s specific needs using the Great Parenting System that Dr. Marvin E. Gantt, the author of this book, devised. As a lifetime parent and dedicated educator, he has interjected this book with years of insightful advice that’s he’s gained to help parents and their children flourish together one day at a time.


Business Category:

  • Digital Transformation
  • E-Commerce


What Did They Need:

Dr. Marvin E. Gantt is a self published author of a book series called, “Stick With Your Kid”. Aside from the having written the book there was no marketing or sales strategy. Dr. Gantt wanted to have direct communication and contact with his readers in order to find a way to improve his writing and to understand the needs of those how subscribe to his philosophy of parenting. With limited know how of digital technology, he desired to sell his books directly to the end consumer and maintain as much profit as he can. Because “Stick With Your Kid” was self published by Dr. Gantt  his net profits increase more than 60% compared to what he would be paid if he went the traditional publishing route. After resolving the issue of payment processing the next hurdle was fulfilling the orders. We were able to streamline that process by shifting Dr. Gantt to a Vertically Integrated Business Model. He requires no outside third party to collect his payment or deliver his product.



What Did We Do:

  • New E-commerce Platform
  • New Online Sales & Marketing Strategy
  • Self Published Author
  • Streamlined Logistical Operation
  • New Order Fulfillment Strategy





Vertical Integration