From the time Property Furniture opened in Soho 1999, it was a favorite amongst those in the Architecture and Design community for its modern and eclectic assemblage of home goods. Opened by Sabrina Schilcher, she established this business as a lifestyle brand, using her fashion influenced aesthetic. Offering everything from vintage pieces and home accessories to jewelry and music, you can expect to elevate your home decor at Property Furniture with a “sophisticated pop.”

Business Category:

  • Digital Transformation
  • E-Commerce


What Did They Need:

Property Furniture has been a staple in the SoHo Neighborhood in Lower Manhattan NYC. With more than 6,000 Square Feet of ground floor retail space, it still is not enough room to reflect the depth of hand curated Design Furniture Collection of  540+ Designers and 3,500+ pieces. This boutique operation has clients and interior design relationships from all over the world. The digital transformation has presented the opportunity for Property Furniture to service their clients through their website, but also facilitate sales and orders. By organizing their entire Design Curated Catalogue in the cloud, Property now can allow their clients to browse their entire offering in an organized and profitable manner. With better organization there is a better customer experience and relives the pressure from the sales team to remember every item or reach for a physical catalogue when a potential item comes to mind.



What Did We Do:

  • New E-commerce Platform
  • Customer Management System
  • First Party Data Capture
  • New Online Sales & Marketing Strategy
  • 540+ Designer Bios
  • 3,500+ Available Products
  • Streamlined Logistical Operation
  • New Order Fulfillment Strategy




E-Commerce Digital Transformation