Solari LineaDesign is an Italian company that has changed the way we view time with their popularized Flip Clocks. In 1956 Remigio Solari’s mechanical flip digital system served as the framework for the company’s designs until Gino Valle created the new roller with horizontal leaves ten years later, which has become the popularized characteristic of the brand. Later, in 1965, the letter “S” stood out as the center piece, which accompanied alongside the company’s name for many years until the current trademark came about.Regardless of the how the company’s design aesthetic has changed, it has never lost sight of its past. Instead it continues to thrust forward, while keeping its traditions and history.


Business Category:

  • Digital Transformation


What Did They Need:

Solari LineaDesign wanted to relaunch the CIFRA 3 Flip Clock back into the American Market. There was a need to explain that the CIFRA 3 to the design community of the 21st Century. Although the Flip Clock is iconic with a permanent exhibition at the MOMA, there was still a need to leverage social media to communicate the significance of what the clock represents.  Through this handmade object from the Northern Italian city of Udine, we needed to tell the story of how Solari (parent company) keeps the world moving. With more than 2 Billion people per day that rely on their technology that displays train and airlines schedules throughout Europe, India & USA.

It’s not a clock, it’s history.



What Did We Do:

  • White Papers & Data
  • First Party Data Capture
  • New Online Sales & Marketing Strategy
  • Streamlined Logistical Operation
  • New Order Fulfillment Strategy




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